Body Parts

Each one of our body parts presents us with many surprises as we age.  Having trouble with a particular part?  Check out the information.


Our mid sections seem to develop a magnetic force – causing all fat molecules to migrate there.


Unless we won the genetics lottery, our bones will become more brittle and lose density as we age.  Osteoporosis can be a death sentence for older women especially.


As we age our skin thins (sometimes to paper thin), gets age spots, dries out, heals more slowly, tears more easily, sags due to loss of epidermal support and wrinkles.

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Ear lobes droop and sometimes we loose hearing ability, especially in certain frequencies as we age.


We know we should keep moving, but are there some ways to move that are better than others?


Gone is the 20/20 vision of our youth, and yet, there are worse things that can happen.


Gone are the ear trumpets of old, but not the need for aids to hearing.


What?  Things can go wrong with feet?  You bet, from corns to claw toes.  Feet lose their padding and suppleness, sometimes causing pain even in walking!


Hair on our heads thins, gets wiry and grays.  Hair on our faces gets thicker and courser!


Our joints become stiffer and less flexible. We may lose fluid in them, and our cartilage may erode by rubbing together. We can also get calcification (mineral deposits) in and around our joints.

We can lose joint cartilage in our hip and knee joints. – making it painful to move about.

Or we can get arthritis, which isn’t necessarily related to aging, unless it is Osteoarthritis


You REALLY are what you eat.  Don’t be gooey.


Dentures anyone?