cropped-Marie-no-background2-copy.jpgMy name is Marie and I started Aging Bodies in 2011 to learn about and report to you on anything and everything related to what is happening to our bodies and brains as we age. I’m 62 63 64 65 66 67 and with each passing month I see changes happening to my body that I don’t understand and don’t like. When I ask the doctors about it, they seem to think it is OK to just say – “Well Marie, that is just part of aging.”

So, I set out on a journey to discover what will happen next on this lovely aging trip we are on and whether or not I can try to deflect it!

My aim is share the findings of any research I do on the subject with you. I’ll share everything from the scientific to the wild and whacky ideas some folks come up with. Sometimes I’ll be able to tell you about my personal experience on the subject, sometimes not. Hopefully we will all learn something we can use in our own personal travels through this life stage called aging.

As time goes on, I plan to add sections to the site to cover some of the more common aging degenerations in depth. I started with Belly Fat. In the future we’ll probably have information on hearing loss, bad knees and backs, brain farts, saggy skin and other lovely subjects.

Keep in mind that I’m just an ordinary person, not a doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief or any other sort of expert. Don’t take action based on what you read or don’t read on these sites – always consult with the appropriate experts!