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No Way I’m Turning Seventy-five This Year
Friday, 16 January 2015 23:46

This year, 2015, I’ll turn seventy-five. And with that in mind I’ve been taking an assessment of how I’m doing.


Here are some negatives:


  • I recently made a comment that I seem to be losing it. I get tired mid afternoon and need a nap. I also am sleeping more at night, and I’m not as energetic when I get up.

  • I feel like my already poor hearing is failing some more. I listened to a phone message and could understand absolutely nothing of what was said. Luckily the caller followed up with an email. Later, when I replayed the message with my hearing aids in, I could hear and understand some of it but mostly it was still undecipherable. Maybe it was hard for me because the caller had a high voice – which I have the most trouble with – and she spoke so fast. I’m usually pretty good on the phone, so this incident gave me a reason to pause. Right now I have to admit I need my hearing aids adjusted up so I can hear normally again.

  • Another thing that never used to happen, I feel sore after particularly hard Pilates sessions.

  • Here’s another thing – that you can skip if you feel it’s too much information – I’m drying out inside. Yes, my 77-year old husband and I still make love, but unless both he and I are thoroughly lubricated I experience excruciating pain at the start, in spite of my daily hormone replacement therapy routine. So we’ve made a plan. Stay lubricated so we can enjoy these ever-decreasing times together.

  • I’ve complained about my dry eye in the past. It’s still a problem. I went to a new surgeon to talk about an operation to stretch my particularly skinny tear ducts, but I’ve decided not to go with it. I don’t want any surgery that will cut into my face – even if they are tiny cuts near my eyes. So I’m experimenting with eye drops and overnight salves. A friend suggested flaxseed oil capsule so I’m trying that as well.

  • And I still have tinnitus. Even with my acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs the noise is there – though at times it does subside. I’ve begun to agree with what I heard at the outset – there is no cure for tinnitus. I just have to live with it (See my Aging Bodies piece on tinnitus, dated August 6, 2014).


Of course considering my age, I’ve found a lot of positives:


  • I work out every day as I’ve been doing for years. I get up at six in the morning to go to the gym, where I spend 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, lift 10 to 20 pound weights, and practice my Yoga stretches and balance poses. I also park in the farthest corner of the parking lot so I have a little warm-up and cool-down walk coming and going.

  • My tri-level house is not a problem yet. I’m able to go up and down the stairs without panting.I continue to take long walks along the beach near where we live

  • And I’m able to concentrate on my writing work for hours at a time every day.


Mostly I feel so lucky that I don’t have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and I haven’t added a lot of extra pounds as I age. So all in all it’s not too bad. I suspect this year will be like the others – I’ll keep busy and active and look forward to the many surprises life has in store.


Madeline is the author of Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide (Dream of Things) and Blue-Collar Women: Trailblazing Women Take on Men-Only Jobs (New Horizon Press). She co-edits The Great American Poetry Show anthology series and wrote the poetry for The Emerging Goddessphotography book. See more at http://www.MadelineSharples.com





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